Special Notice

Wanted for Murder

WANTED person or persons unknown, for the murder of Betty Jo Booker and Paul Martin, on or about April 13, 1946, in Bowie County, Texas. Subject or subjects may have in their possession or may try to dispose of a gold-plated Bundy E-flat Alto saxophone, serial #52535, which was missing from the car in which the victims vere last seen, when it was found abandoned about 1.55 miles from the location of the boy's body, and about 3 miles from the location of the girl's body. This saxophone had Just been rebuilt, replated, and repadded, and was in an almost new black imitation leather case with blue plush lining.

It is requested that a check be made of music stores and pawn shops. Any information as to the location of the saxophone or dsscription and whereabouts of the person connected with it should be forwarded immediately to the Sheriff, Bowie County, Texarkana, Texas, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas.